How to properly wrap a Christmas gift. Learn to wrap like a pro!

Wrapping a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be complicated. All that matters is that the gift-wrapping, ribbons and attached card look like you put a lot of thought into them. Making a gift look like you put some thought into it means putting a bit of effort into the actual wrapping (or at least some money if you are a lousy gift wrapper.) However, remember that even a badly wrapped Christmas gift is better than one that appears to be generic.

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Perhaps your biggest dilemma as a gift wrapper will be deciding whether or not you even need to use wrapping paper at all. Nowadays, you can buy ornamental or glossy paper bags that look just as good or even better then a bad gift wrap job. First of all, both bags and boxes look a lot neater than the wrapped Christmas gift. Second, many boxes and bags are made out of recycled material and are much more eco-friendly then wrapping paper.

Whether or not you bag, box or wrap, the gift is highly dependent on who the recipient is. For instance, it’s still quite traditional to wrap gifts in foil or paper, and then stick on a pre-made ribbon. If receiving a wrapped Christmas gift has some nostalgic and traditional meaning for a member of your family or a close friend, then they may not appreciate the formality of a box or a bag. In fact, in some situations, a bag can appear like you didn’t put much thought into the wrapping at all.

Market researchers have found that the appearance of a Christmas gift might be as important as what’s inside the packaging. They also discovered that how a Christmas gift is wrapped helps the recipient form an opinion of the giver. Therefore, bags and boxes are probably more appropriate than a wrapped gift in a corporate or business situation.

Another consideration before deciding how to package, has to do with what the gift actually is. For instance, it’s sometimes better to package clothing in a bag or box, as it easier for it to be folded and kept wrinkle free. Bags can also accommodate oddly shaped items such as stuffed animals or rolled up socks, better than wrapping paper can.

Bags come in different sizes that can help accommodate large items, and prevent tiny items from being lost. Gift boxes, on the other hand, are quite suitable for more expensive items such as jewelry, or a key to that new Jaguar sitting outside in the driveway.