Outdoor Christmas light sets

We have all experienced the joy and excitement of driving around during the holiday season and looking at the variety of Christmas lights around the neighbourhood. It is this part of the Christmas spirit that makes us want to put up our very own outdoor Christmas light set and bring about the visitors to our own display of magical lights and colours. Around the holidays, sharing in the joy of setting up Christmas lights is an important part of the experience.

Another aspect of the Christmas light experience is the competition between neighbours to set up the most mind-blazingly electric display of Christmas pomposity to grace the street. Naturally, as your neighbours trot out their vulgarity of a Christmas display, you will always elect to go with taste and quality over incredulous quantity. For this reason, you select your Christmas lights and decorations with care and consideration so as to not blind your neighbour.

Instead, you intend to regale them with tales from Christmases past as you combine both the Christmas values of your culture with the holiday values of other cultures to creates a display that Santa himself would be proud of. There are no reindeer flying through the air on your front lawn; instead, you have chosen a tasteful string of lights to illuminate the fact that you have cut your lawn more than anyone else this year. This shows up, of course, even in winter.

A Question Of Honour

Of course, the biggest question about Christmas and the inevitable display competition is: “how far is too far?” The answer to that question lies in your own predilection, of course, and is entirely up to what you can handle. If you can sleep through thousands of lights and several watts of Christmas songs sung by imaginary robotic elves, then you can assume that your Christmas display is not over the top.

In the end, you do need to give some mild consideration to your neighbours and determine whether or not your Christmas display will end up costing them some of their much-needed holiday sleep. You wouldn’t want to interrupt the slumber of another simply because your alarmingly huge inflatable Santa is taking up an incredible about of space with his luminous reach to the chimney. Instead, consider your snoozing neighbour and try to come up with a way to make your display tasteful; it is the season, after all.