Ideas for Christmas tree themes. Try something a little different this year.

If you are a style maven who is a bit bored with the traditional, then you might be interested in unique christmas tree themes. Here are some unique theme suggestions that are sure to please.

The Christmas Cocktail Party Tree

This tree theme looks great on both big and small trees. First, if your tree is not a prelit, try stringing it with a set of novelty lights instead of the usual egg shaped lights. You can buy plastic novelty lights in the shape of Chinese Lanterns (for a 50’s feel), chili peppers (for that modern martini bar feel) and Pink Flamingos (for that Tiki cocktail party atmosphere.)

Then try decorating the tree with tiny cocktail parasols and multicolored cocktail picks. If your tree is really big, you could also decorate it with plastic champagne glasses onto which you have glued sequins or glitter. Miniature chocolates filled with liquor also make nice tree decorations.

The Gingerbread Tree

This most gorgeous of christmas tree themes never goes out of style. It looks best on a green or red tree. Decorate it with gingerbread man cookies, red glass balls, tons of candy canes, red velvet bows and homemade paper snowflake ornaments.

This tree looks great accented with white or gold beaded garland, a bushy red or white tinsel garland, or icicle-like garland. Top it with a Christmas themed stuffed white or brown teddy bear.

The Chocolate and Gold Tree

This is probably the trendiest of the themes described here. It looks wonderful on a red artificial tree. The color scheme in this case is reds, browns and golds. Tiny, twinkling gold and red lights look best. Think of the eighties when you decorate this one.

Decorate this tree with walnuts, pine cones and chocolates wrapped in foil. Gold chocolate coins are also a nice touch. Then tie large translucent gold and red ribbons (using the kind of ribbon that has bendable wire inside) onto the ends of the trees. The ultimate effect of this tree should be very opulent and lush.

The New Baby Tree

If you are celebrating the birth of a child or a child’s first birthday, this is a great tree to honor how happy you are about the new arrival. The decorations suggested look great on any kind of tree, but you could consider buying a small blue or pink artificial tree. This is a good idea so any toddlers or infants around can’t get their hands on pine needles. Also, if you buy pre-lit one, you don’t have to worry about them yanking lights and pulling the whole thing down. If you have lots of toddlers around then you might want to opt for a small ceramic Christmas tree until they are old enough not to grab at decorations and limbs.

Pink, mint green, lavender and blue frosted glass balls look particularly nice on pink or blue artificial trees. You can also decorate with baby toys, baby bottles filled with candy, teddy bears, baby booties and socks, pacifiers and wooden alphabet blocks. Little stuffed animals look great on this type of tree and a larger teddy bear or soft plush toy makes a great tree topper. If the baby is a girl you might want to consider topping the tree with a doll dressed as an angel.

The Peppermint Twist Tree

This theme looks fantastic on a bright white, pre-lit artificial tree. The color scheme is red and white but you can add a touch of green in the lights that you string around it. Purists, however, think that keeping the whole thing red and white in every way looks best.

When it comes to the decorations, stick with red and white round glass balls. Red and white frosted glass balls look much better than the conical ones. Also, festoon the branches with as many red and white peppermint candy canes as you can find. Remember, you can also stripe red or white glass balls with white or red glitter, by simply adding some glue in a striped shape to the ball and rolling it in the glitter bowl.

You can also accent this look with red and white ball shaped peppermint candies. A large lollipop with red and white striping and surrounded by a sunburst bouquet of candy canes makes a great tree topper.

The Sea Side Tree

This most unusual theme looks best on artificial trees in aqua or light blue colors. However, it would also suit any tree that has a coral color such as light orange or pink.

This tree is decorated with treasures from the sea; including seashells, sea horses, and ornaments made from aquarium decorations (treasure chests, coins and corals.) Strings of pearls can be used as a garland and novelty lights shaped like seashells or even fish can be strung to enhance the aquatic theme.

The Snow and Ice Tree

This is one of the most unusual tree themes, as it is white and icy blue instead of the more familiar red and green. First, decorate it with a garland of novelty lights shaped like icicles or snowflakes. Your decorations should be made of see-through plastic or crystal, so it looks like the tree is dripping with frozen, glittering shapes. Instead of cotton batten, drape the tree with faux spider webs or cotton shreddings, to simulate boughs heavy with snow. You can even mound this cotton at the ends of the bough so it looks like it has been clumped there.

Your final step is to spray the whole thing down generously with flocking. Flocking is simulated snow that comes in an aerosol can. You can spray this stuff on just about any kind of tree including artificial pre-lit and ceramic trees to make them look frostier.

This treatment is stunning on a white artificial tree, but it also looks great on red, purple, blue or other colors. The white provides a nice contrast to the tree’s original color.