Send your clients corporate Christmas cards. A great reminder that doubles as a business card.

Corporate Christmas cards are a great way to show your appreciation to clients

The corporate Christmas card is more common than ever. Especially since market research studies have shown that customers really do appreciate that personal touch. This is because most people resent doing business in what seems to be a technologically sophisticated and cold world. As is true of traditional Victorian Christmas card, the corporate Christmas card is an elegant way of reaching out and celebrating with others during the holiday season. In fact, even the first paper Christmas greeting was actually a form of business promotion as it was sent out to advertise the services of the printer who first invented the greeting card – John Callcoot Horseley.

Of course today’s corporate Christmas card comes in an infinite number of styles. As most businesses consider it to be another kind of business card, the corporate Christmas card can be considered a form of branding. Today’s corporate Christmas card may be more generic in terms of religion (referring to the season as the Happy Holidays as opposed to the Christian holiday of Christmas) so that non-Christian clients and customers are recognized and the card appeals to everyone.

There are many businesses both online and off that specialize in creating corporate Christmas cards. Most of these companies have a portfolio of looks that you can choose to represent your business. These design companies also artfully find a way to incorporate your company’s logo, motto or even a photograph into the design or message of the card. For an additional cost, most corporate Christmas card companies also allow you to print your own extensive and very personal holiday message inside of the card as well.

The corporate Christmas card is generally sent out to anyone who has anything to do with the company. Traditionally the corporate Christmas card is sent out to customers, employees, business-to-business partners and service providers.

As a rule of thumb you should always include all of your contact information, including your company’s address, phone number, email and website address somewhere on the corporate Christmas card. One good place to print these details is on the very bottom of the card on the front, or on the back lip of the envelope. This makes good business sense, as it serves as a reminder that you are in business and also renews your point of contact with customers who may have misplaced your business card. This is why even if you own a very small home business, sending out a corporate Christmas card is a great idea – it helps people remember that your business is still in existence. It also helps you compete with the big companies who are far too impersonal to send out a corporate Christmas card, and instead deluge people with flyers advertising sales that have very little to do with the spirit of the Christmas holidays.

If you’d like more information, like where to order customized business Christmas cards, Hallmarkis always a great place to start. Yes, they may be a little more expensive, but these will be top quality cards that your clients will remember.

A great Christmas gift idea for dad: a double edge safety razor!

If your dad is like mine, he’s been using disposable razors for many years.  Dads get set in their ways.  They see the advertisements on TV for those new, fancy 5 blade triple action razors.  They are supposed to give the best shave possible.  Yeah, right.  The problem is, disposables are expensive.  The newest, most popular heads can cost upwards of $3 a piece!!  Even when buying in bulk (10 or more in a package), the price is still well over $2 per unit.

Not to mention, these thin blades don’t last nearly as long as the old style double edge razor that your grandpa used to use.  If your dad has one of those Grizzly bear beards, the number of shaves per head is even less.  A guy can easily spend a few hundred dollars per year, just in disposable razors!

A personal favorite website of mine, called Badger & Blade, has TONS of great info on old fashioned shaving tips and accessories.

Here is my personal suggestion for you:  buy him a classic double edge safety razor and some blades.  A quality razor will cost less than $50.  Replacement blades cost 15 cents per blade or less!  Yes, you read that correctly.

For example, here is a model that’s really popular right now:  the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl.  I personally own one of these, and it’s an EXCELLENT razor. It feels heavy in the hand, so you get a solid smooth shave. The chrome plating is very nice. It’s easy to maintain, as there are only 3 pieces. Changing blades is a snap.  This one also comes with some sample blades.

Amazon is a great place to find all the accessories for a classic shave.  I’d also suggest getting him some classic shave soap such as Taylor of Old Bond Sandalwood shaving creme.  This stuff is nice, and it smells wonderful!  Nothing but a smooth, close shave after using this stuff.

Happy Holidays!

Personalized Christmas gifts. A true way to show your holiday spirit.

While Christmas is certainly not lacking in the festive elements of a grand holiday, there are certain things that a person can do to create their own personal flair and flourish on the special day. Starting with a personalized Christmas gift and winding up with a delicious homemade turkey dinner is one spectacular way to show your family and friends how much you care this Christmas. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, either, and in the end the effort will demonstrate your love and affection a great deal.


One popular option for personalizing your Christmas gifts is to make them yourself. Create crafts or clothing items from simply materials and impress your family and friends with the creative side of you that they never knew existed. One of the best ways to expose yourself to the examples that are out there is to check out your local craft stores and some of the craft magazines that are available on the internet; they can introduce you to some cheap techniques to create a festive gift for the holidays.

Another option is to take a series of photographs of yourself and your family and create a Christmas letter complete with a photo slideshow. This helps long distance family members get up to speed on what your family is up to, and creates an immortal series of memories that will be considered priceless. As Christmas is a time for family, your gifts can reflect that in creative and fun ways that will impress everyone on your shopping list.

Beat Stress With Originality

Most people dread Christmas shopping and save their entire list for one hurried and stressful last day at the shopping mall. This is foolish. NEVER wait until the last minute! Instead, consider saving time and money by creating your gifts from scratch with materials that you purchased months in advance or online through a crafts web site. Or, visit Good Housekeeping; they have an excellent page on homemade Christmas crafts. LOTS of great ideas there.

This can allow you the special feeling of not only creating your own gift, but saving the stress of those terrifying mall visits as well. No longer will you angle yourself into impossible parking spots and fight the crowds to find an unoriginal gift; instead, your Christmas plan is to take out the stresses of the holidays with your own creativity and design the perfect gift from the comfort of your own home. What could be better?

In today’s day and age of materialism, it’s nice to know that a personally crafted present made with love and friendship can still instil a warm feeling in the recipients of the gift. As we close in on the holiday season, it’s important to remember the purpose behind Christmas and spend our time reflecting and looking ahead to the next years of our lives. A good way to make this easy is to spend less time on the holiday rush, and spend more time with your family at home, creating your own gifts.

How to properly wrap a Christmas gift. Learn to wrap like a pro!

Wrapping a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be complicated. All that matters is that the gift-wrapping, ribbons and attached card look like you put a lot of thought into them. Making a gift look like you put some thought into it means putting a bit of effort into the actual wrapping (or at least some money if you are a lousy gift wrapper.) However, remember that even a badly wrapped Christmas gift is better than one that appears to be generic.

Check out this Youtube video

This takes you step by step through the process

Perhaps your biggest dilemma as a gift wrapper will be deciding whether or not you even need to use wrapping paper at all. Nowadays, you can buy ornamental or glossy paper bags that look just as good or even better then a bad gift wrap job. First of all, both bags and boxes look a lot neater than the wrapped Christmas gift. Second, many boxes and bags are made out of recycled material and are much more eco-friendly then wrapping paper.

Whether or not you bag, box or wrap, the gift is highly dependent on who the recipient is. For instance, it’s still quite traditional to wrap gifts in foil or paper, and then stick on a pre-made ribbon. If receiving a wrapped Christmas gift has some nostalgic and traditional meaning for a member of your family or a close friend, then they may not appreciate the formality of a box or a bag. In fact, in some situations, a bag can appear like you didn’t put much thought into the wrapping at all.

Market researchers have found that the appearance of a Christmas gift might be as important as what’s inside the packaging. They also discovered that how a Christmas gift is wrapped helps the recipient form an opinion of the giver. Therefore, bags and boxes are probably more appropriate than a wrapped gift in a corporate or business situation.

Another consideration before deciding how to package, has to do with what the gift actually is. For instance, it’s sometimes better to package clothing in a bag or box, as it easier for it to be folded and kept wrinkle free. Bags can also accommodate oddly shaped items such as stuffed animals or rolled up socks, better than wrapping paper can.

Bags come in different sizes that can help accommodate large items, and prevent tiny items from being lost. Gift boxes, on the other hand, are quite suitable for more expensive items such as jewelry, or a key to that new Jaguar sitting outside in the driveway.

Christmas gifts: don’t wait until the last minute to buy them!


Yes, it’s only August, but it’s never too early to to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your loved ones.  If you’re a procrastinator, like me, you might wait until December 23rd or 24th before you hit the stores.  BAD IDEA.  The stores are packed with people just like you.  This results heightened holiday anxiety, and may even take the thoughtfulness out of that special gift to your parents or significant other.

Waiting until the last minute also means you won’t be able to shop online and expect to receive that gift before the holiday.  Even if you do order on the 23rd with next day shipping, the post offices and parcel carriers are swamped with business at this time of the season.  Even if they promise to deliver on time, you still run the risk of something going wrong, and your gift shows up on the 26th.  Too late.  You missed the boat.

So what’s the answer?


It’s never too early to get your Christmas shopping list in order and get those gifts in line.  Some folks even buy gifts the week after Christmas for the NEXT holiday season, a full year ahead of time!  While this method doesn’t work so well with technology items, as they change so rapidly; clothing, decorations and other “evergreen” items (those which don’t go bad or expire with time) are great to buy a year or more ahead of time.

Keep an eye on discount sales

The sooner you plan, the more time you have to take advantage of sales throughout the year.  Has your dad been pining for a new double edge safety razor?  Or is mom wanting a new, top of the line juicer?

These are all things you can look for throughout the year, and save a little money.  Or, if you have a fixed budget for your loved ones, taking advantage of sales will allow you to buy MORE things for them!  Double Bonus!

Buying second hand

Another great idea is to keep an eye on local classified ads websites for iTunes gift cards on sale and buy swap sell groups on Facebook. I was visiting some friends in Australia last christmas and instead of taking gifts with me I was able to source some great bargains on second hand and even some new products on the local Townsville buy swap and sell website. Not only did I save money but my Aussie Family in Townsville loved the gifts. I did not even have to post or travel with them, triple Bonus!

Getting done early is satisfying

Whatever you choose to do, please don’t wait until the week before Christmas.  It causes you and the rest of your family nothing but stress and anguish.  Get it done early.  You can have the peace of mind of being finished before everyone else.

When a coworker comes up to you 10 days before Christmas, stressing about what they’re going to get everyone for the holidays, you can just smile with satisfaction and say, “I’m already done!!”

Happy Holidays!