Christmas gifts: don’t wait until the last minute to buy them!


Yes, it’s only August, but it’s never too early to to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your loved ones.  If you’re a procrastinator, like me, you might wait until December 23rd or 24th before you hit the stores.  BAD IDEA.  The stores are packed with people just like you.  This results heightened holiday anxiety, and may even take the thoughtfulness out of that special gift to your parents or significant other.

Waiting until the last minute also means you won’t be able to shop online and expect to receive that gift before the holiday.  Even if you do order on the 23rd with next day shipping, the post offices and parcel carriers are swamped with business at this time of the season.  Even if they promise to deliver on time, you still run the risk of something going wrong, and your gift shows up on the 26th.  Too late.  You missed the boat.

So what’s the answer?


It’s never too early to get your Christmas shopping list in order and get those gifts in line.  Some folks even buy gifts the week after Christmas for the NEXT holiday season, a full year ahead of time!  While this method doesn’t work so well with technology items, as they change so rapidly; clothing, decorations and other “evergreen” items (those which don’t go bad or expire with time) are great to buy a year or more ahead of time.

Keep an eye on discount sales

The sooner you plan, the more time you have to take advantage of sales throughout the year.  Has your dad been pining for a new double edge safety razor?  Or is mom wanting a new, top of the line juicer?

These are all things you can look for throughout the year, and save a little money.  Or, if you have a fixed budget for your loved ones, taking advantage of sales will allow you to buy MORE things for them!  Double Bonus!

Buying second hand

Another great idea is to keep an eye on local classified ads websites for iTunes gift cards on sale and buy swap sell groups on Facebook. I was visiting some friends in Australia last christmas and instead of taking gifts with me I was able to source some great bargains on second hand and even some new products on the local Townsville buy swap and sell website. Not only did I save money but my Aussie Family in Townsville loved the gifts. I did not even have to post or travel with them, triple Bonus!

Getting done early is satisfying

Whatever you choose to do, please don’t wait until the week before Christmas.  It causes you and the rest of your family nothing but stress and anguish.  Get it done early.  You can have the peace of mind of being finished before everyone else.

When a coworker comes up to you 10 days before Christmas, stressing about what they’re going to get everyone for the holidays, you can just smile with satisfaction and say, “I’m already done!!”

Happy Holidays!