A great Christmas gift idea for dad: a double edge safety razor!

If your dad is like mine, he’s been using disposable razors for many years.  Dads get set in their ways.  They see the advertisements on TV for those new, fancy 5 blade triple action razors.  They are supposed to give the best shave possible.  Yeah, right.  The problem is, disposables are expensive.  The newest, most popular heads can cost upwards of $3 a piece!!  Even when buying in bulk (10 or more in a package), the price is still well over $2 per unit.

Not to mention, these thin blades don’t last nearly as long as the old style double edge razor that your grandpa used to use.  If your dad has one of those Grizzly bear beards, the number of shaves per head is even less.  A guy can easily spend a few hundred dollars per year, just in disposable razors!

A personal favorite website of mine, called Badger & Blade, has TONS of great info on old fashioned shaving tips and accessories.

Here is my personal suggestion for you:  buy him a classic double edge safety razor and some blades.  A quality razor will cost less than $50.  Replacement blades cost 15 cents per blade or less!  Yes, you read that correctly.

For example, here is a model that’s really popular right now:  the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl.  I personally own one of these, and it’s an EXCELLENT razor. It feels heavy in the hand, so you get a solid smooth shave. The chrome plating is very nice. It’s easy to maintain, as there are only 3 pieces. Changing blades is a snap.  This one also comes with some sample blades.

Amazon is a great place to find all the accessories for a classic shave.  I’d also suggest getting him some classic shave soap such as Taylor of Old Bond Sandalwood shaving creme.  This stuff is nice, and it smells wonderful!  Nothing but a smooth, close shave after using this stuff.

Happy Holidays!