Ideas for Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations does not have to be all about tinsel, shiny round bulbs and flashing lights. It does also does not have to be stuck in the traditional red and green color scheme. There are plenty of other materials, many of them natural, that can serve to make a unique Christmas decoration.

For instance the acorns that you find on the ground in fall make unique ornaments. You can spray paint them gold or silver, tie them together in a nosegay and even make a garland for the tree out of them. Another seed pod that you can use in a similar way is the pine cone. Pine cones are not only a traditional Christmas decoration they also look great decorating the mantelpiece, threaded together as a door wreath or as a garland snaking down a banister.

Another natural find that you can consider hanging in your tree is a bird’s nest. Whether artificial or real, a bird’s nest makes a fantastic Christmas decoration. You can frame the bird’s nest with ivy or violets, fill it with foil colored eggs or chocolate coins or place a replica of a white dove (or two) in its center.

Some types of flowers also look great when attached to a Christmas tree. You can get dried baby’s breath died red and green around Christmas time. It looks great bound as a nosegay and then attached to tree limbs or as a Christmas table topper. Poinsettias also look great attached to a tree, especially if it is a natural green tree.

For a natural yet sophisticated look you can collect branches from outside and arrange them on a mantelpiece or create a centerpiece for a Christmas table. You can also spray paint them silver, red, green or gold to make it more obvious as a Christmas tree decoration. The natural branches make unique wreaths and tabletop xmas trees especially if you combine them with the Chinese white money tree blossoms.

Instead of using ribbon or wire to attach a Christmas decoration to a tree consider using lace instead. Lace in an unusual color such as bright lime green can bring a startling neo-modern look to a Christmas tree.

Peacock feathers can be combined with silk flowers and other elements to create an opulent tree topper or christams decoration centerpiece.

Flags are finding their way more and more into Christmas decoration what with the prevalence of war across the world. Tiny flags can be used to make a tree topper, attached to the branches of a tree or added to a centerpiece. If you make a centerpiece it looks good decorated with red, white and blue ribbon and glass balls. This is a charming way of honoring those who are away at war.